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"Help Wanted: Chief Financial Officer - CFO - Construction "

Chief Financial Officer - CFO - Construction


Atlanta , GA ( )

Job Description:

Large construction general contractor and construction manager seeks corporate CFO to oversee all financial and accounting matter for the firm.

The CFO provides the overall direction for the financial operations of the company,
subsidiaries, and projects including both treasury and accounting functions. This
position is the most senior financial (accounting) position in the company. Position
has profit and loss responsibilities.
REPORTS TO: COO, CEO and, upon request, to the Board of Directors
Educational and experience requirements include: Four year business/accounting
degree with advanced degree preferred and CPA required.
Extensive experience(over 10 years) and knowledge of all aspects of corporate
accounting, taxation, and financial management required.
Experienced CFO with revenue responsibilities of $100MM+.
Experience and strength in dealing with and negotiating lines of credit with financial
Excellent communication, interpersonal, leadership, and organizational skills vital.
Strong follow up skills and be extremely detail oriented.
This is a Senior Management position.
Establish and implement corporate financial and accounting policies, procedures, and
structures within the boundaries established by the Board of Directors.
Provide administrative and technical direction to all financial operations (company,
project, subsidiary) to insure corporate financial data is as accurate as possible.
Deal with financial institutions and negotiate negotiating lines of credit and other
financing methods.
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Establish and direct all short-term and long-range financial plans consistent with
corporate philosophy.
Direct the processing and dissemination of financial data required by executive team
to establish and maintain operating budgets and related controls procedures.
Provide guidance and direction to subordinate executives and managers toward their
professional development, to insure and maintain a competent business unit.
Serve as a member of the management team providing financial data and analysis as
Insure a positive financial posture is maintained for the corporation and subsidiary
Provide corporate leadership to other executives and managers to insure financial
success within their operational scope.
Perform as directed by CEO or Board of Directors.
Provide administrative and technical direction to all financial operations.
Establish and direct short- and long-term financial plans
Direct processing and dissemination of financial data to establish and maintain
operating budget control procedures
Evaluate and interpret the general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and
job cost records
Review subcontractor and supplier invoices for payment and related reports
Prepare control documents for use in reconciling payables and receivables transactions
Balance general ledger and reconcile to all subsidiary ledgers
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Review and analyze balance sheet and income statement accounts and ratios.
Prepare monthly/quarterly profit and loss report and balance sheet
Identify irregularities and recommend corrective action when problems arise
Work closely with outside accountants

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